Benefits of Solar Energy to the Environment – Backyard Revolution

Renewable energy is fast taking the spotlight when it comes to energy generation globally with solar energy taking the lead. Solar energy generates electricity from the sun through the use of panels. Energy generated can be used to power the home or the workplace. Solar energy comes with several benefits from financial, social, to environmental. … Read more

How many Solar panels to run an air conditioner? Backyard Revolution

The introduction of solar panels systems, but about a change that the world needed, a sudden change that radicalized the way we saw energy generation. For centuries, humans have tried to find ways through which we could generate energy other than hydro and heat. The continual study of understanding the potential that solar energy holds … Read more

How Do Solar Panels Store Energy? Backyard Revolution

It is popular consensus by governments all over the world, agencies/bodies in the energy industry, and even private individuals that our world could benefit from the usage of renewable energy otherwise known as green energy and as a result, more energy companies are researching and investing millions of dollars into developing renewable energy solutions to … Read more