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Solar energy has, and will always continue to change how power is being generated. It allows you to move from the conventional power generation to a more personal mode. With solar panels, you can have your home powered all through the clock if you know how these panels work at night.

Solar panels generate their energy from sunlight so it is expected of them to function while there is sunlight. However, that’s not all there is to solar panels, as they can work just as fine at night as they do during the day. The reliability of solar panels may be to the degree of the sun in the day, but power stored during the day can be used at night. So, yes solar panels work well at night, you just need to know how these happen.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells which makes use of sunlight to create electricity. While the sun is out during the day, these panels do all they can through these cells to generate electricity from the sun. Energy generated from the sun during the day can be stored by the panel batteries which is made available to be used at night. This is the basics of how solar panels work at night, but that’s not all of it, there is more.

During the day, solar panels produce electricity from sunlight and support sustainable solar energy at night. What this is means is that while the solar is fully operational during the day, it can still be used to power the home after the sun must have set. The process of making this happen is through net metering and solar battery storage. These two processes provide comprehensive answers to the question – how do solar panels work at night.

Net Metering

The process of net metering is enabled when solar panel installation is connected to an electric grid. Net metering works to save excess electricity generated during the day to be used after the sun must have set. Simply put, it is where energy generated during the day is stored to be used at a later time.

In net metering, you have to sign an agreement with the enabling electricity company to ensure that you get credits on your bill. The value of the credit gotten from the electric company will be based on how much excess energy is generated and stored over a specified period.

Net metering provides a two-way connection which when switched on makes it possible for electricity to flow in and out of the home. This net metering works when solar panels installed fail to produce energy at night. Net metering is an effective way to ensure that your solar panels power your home at night through a grid connection that stores solar energy.

As good as net metering may seem, there have been several uncertainties with its future. This is because many electric companies do not offer it and for those that do, there’s been massive disconnection over the years.

Always make sure to check net metering policies in your area before subscribing to it. Where this becomes impossible, you can reach out to us to provide you with the best possible alternative.

Solar Battery Storage

Solar makes it possible for you to not only have your home but also have your energy and determine how you want to use it. Asides from the net metering process, another way you can make solar panels work at night is to make use of solar battery storage. Among the many accessories that come with solar panels are rechargeable batteries.

Solar batteries are being charged during the day with energy that is being generated from the sun. When fully charged, these batteries then power the panel at night to light up your home. Solar batteries are a better alternative to net metering as they give you control over energy generated. Here, excess electricity that should be sent to the grid is used to charge the battery and saved for later use.

With solar batteries, you have peace of mind with regards to energy control and you can also save yourself some cost. This is possible because you can decide what the battery will power when being used at night. The solar battery ensures you are fully covered at night as much as you are during the day.

When you are thinking of the best way to create backup energy for the night time, then you should think of solar battery storage.

Making Use of Net Metering and Battery Storage

You can make use of the two indirect solar solutions – net metering and battery storage together. These two can work in tandem to ensure that you have light all through the night while reducing the costs of electricity bills. To do this, you will have to either configure the net metering to draw electricity from the grid when the battery is low or program both to work together.

There are several means that power can be generated and of all these means, the sun has proven to be the most sustainable. You can tap into this sustainability to ensure there is a constant power supply in your home or workplace in the day and at night. Net metering and solar battery storage can make it possible for the solar panel to work at night.

However, to ensure this is done effectively, you need the services of the best solar panel advisors. Click here to find out more about solar panels and how they work.

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