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Do you currently suffer from anxiety and shock every time the electricity bill pops up in the mail? Are you wondering why the figures seem to be increasing monthly when you have the same appliances in your home?

Think about your refrigerator!

6 appliances use up more power in every home, and the refrigerator is one of them. The bigger this appliance, the more digits will appear on your bill. If you have kids that are always in and out of the refrigerator, then the bill goes up.

Refrigerators are the number one power-consuming appliance in every home. You cannot put them off, you cannot afford not to open it multiple times daily, and you must ensure that your foods are fresh too.

The convenience of having fresh foods without having to grocery shop every day is a luxury that makes homeowners to purchase a refrigerator. The question is can I cut the cost of my electricity bill. Is there a cost-effective way to run my fridge without increasing the price of my energy bill?

How much does running a fridge cost?

The amount of electricity your fridge uses depends on the capacity. The more the capacity, the more the energy consumption will be.

So the average fridge size for most American homes is about 400 liters with power consumption 495kWh. The average cost per unit is 12.79 cents per kWh, so a 400 liters fridge with 495kWh is

495 * .1279 = $63 per month and a cost of $756 per annum

This is huge for most families, and if you have more than one refrigerator and a freezer, your monthly cost should be counting in the hundreds for fridges alone. However, as unavoidable as it is, fridges haves to run 24/7 days a week to save cost too.

The cost of making daily trips to the mall and the convenience it accords us knowing the foods retains its freshness for long.

Is there a better way to run my refrigerator off the national power grid?

Yes, by using solar panels. Plenty of homes in the US and around the world have resulted in using solar panels to cut energy costs in their homes. Check out how many solar panels to run an air conditioner unit.

Solar panels are easier and cost-efficient. But how many do I need?

How many solar panels do I need?

In our how many solar panels to power a house article, we discussed the different capacity of solar panels. The most common solar panels for residential use are Photovoltaic solar panels. They absorb more sunlight, convert it to energy faster, and are easy to maintain.

These solar panels are available in different watts ranging from 150 to 370 watts. A refrigerator that uses 495 kWh per annum consumes 42 kWh per month

Divide this number by 30, 42kWh /30 = 1.4 kWh per day

Changing the unit of kWh to watts since solar panels are in watts,

1.4 kWh is equal to 1400 watts

So if you buy a panel of 350 watts, you will need 4 solar panels to sufficiently power the fridge without any hiccups. However, when you factor in sunlight hours, fluctuations, and the number of times you open the unit, you will need extra panels to cover the lag.

Can I attach the refrigerator alone to a solar panel?

There is no doubt that refrigerators and freezer are among the two most significant appliances on a home that must stay functional even if all the lights are off. We need them to keep our food fresh and safe even though they also incur hundreds of dollars on bills.

Now, if you have never thought of using a solar panel to power your home, you might consider it for your fridge. It does not take that much, and cutting up to 400kWh from your electricity bill is one too many dollars you can save for the future.

But I do not have the resources or space to install a solar panel now?

Well, then, you are in luck. The Backyard Revolution is a solar panel source you need now. It does not require any special equipment or huge fund, and the best part, it is movable. This unit is very efficient in providing enough power to keep your fridges and freezers functioning up to par.

And you know what that means, a tremendous cut on your energy bill every month forever. We mentioned it is movable. The Backyard Revolution is vertically installed solar panels fitted in a wooden frame. This allows you to adjust them to capture more sunlight and bring them inside in the face of a storm.

Why incur unnecessary bills when you can save more with this simple yet innovative device at an affordable price.

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